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Lawn care, mowing, and grass cutting service in jacksonville nc join our community and get free cuts !

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Looking for a great lawn care service in Jacksonville? You’re in the right place!picture of lawn care service in Jacksonville

I Agree it’s hard to find a trust worthy lawn care service that doesn’t do the job correctly or they beat you up on the price. You don’t have to worry about that with us.

We are Experts on Residential lawns If you just need someone to cut your grass and do it correctly while you go and run errands, that’s perfect just set up a payment online and call us.

If you have problems with other lawn care services not doing the job correctly, that’s ok we will solve that problem just walk us through what we need to do to get the job done.

We never had a refund before because we believe we always will fix the problems that we messed up or forgot but that rarely happens.

Maybe you just don’t want to cut your grass anymore and you want experts to do it, that’s ok too just shoot us a call or text and we will handle all your problems for your lawn for you.

lawcarebuddies are here because we actually care about our customers and we understand that people need more time on there hands to take care of there business. Life is to stressful trying to do everything at once.

Most of our customers actually have time and take time to talk to us and tell us how great we do. We run our business around customers because if we didn't have customers, there wouldn't be any business and if we were just in it for the money , the customers would run away and call someone else.

We Promise you will save you time and give you quality maybe even a coupon. Lawncarebuddies is the best lawn care service in Jacksonville, NC because of our quality, price range, and we get the job done.

We won’t ever turn down any lawns big, small we do it all. We are positive that you will be satisfied once we are finished mowing your lawn.

We are a professional mowing service that will not leave frustrated but relieved that we were the ones to mow your lawn.

We only do mowing, trimming, and hedge trimming. Make sure you consider before calling us that we only do these three things.

You don’t not have to worry about us having to use your equipment because we have it all. Our equipment is in great shape and is new, we try to update our equipment for your yard and for our quality.

We are moderately fast and very precise when caring for your lawn. The biggest reason why to hire us is that it will save you a great amount of time buy letting us care for your lawn.

Our prices are very reasonable. We price your lawn by a computer software that calculates what we should charge you.

The computer software charges per square footage. If you are not satisfied with the price we give you maybe we can throw in a free cut for your 5th time but whatever is best for you its fine with us.

You can always rely on us to care for your lawn anytime. You won’t be dissatisfied and if you are you can tell us why.